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Unique Blog Ideas to Spice Up Any Business Site

Let’s face it. It’s tough to come up with unique blog ideas, especially for traditional businesses. Business blogs are the digital equivalent of watching paint dry: no one reads them on purpose.

In an incredibly crowded online playing field, it’s tough to connect with your audience. In fact, over 2 million blog posts are published every day!

How is your tiny business blog going to compete?

The answer is finding unique blog ideas that connect directly to your target market, not trying to connect with everyone on the planet. That’s the big difference between niche blogs and business blogs. You’re trying to speak directly to your customers, not on going viral.

If your business blog is a lonely place, here’s a few unique blog ideas that can inspire you to make content that people will actually want to read.

Wow Them with Data

unique blog ideas: wow them with data

Your business blog has a specific target market. Whoever those people are, find the most shocking, amazing and inspiring data to WOW them. The kind of stats that make people stop what they are doing to read how it’s done.

In 7 Rules to Help You Gain 347% More Reviews, author Justin Morgan explains how he increased the number of reviews by a huge percentage including:

“Rule #1:

If you want Google reviews, ask your patients to review you on Google and provide a link directly to your Google Business page. If you want Yelp reviews (that don’t get filtered) ask your patients to review you on Google … just make sure that you have a link to your Yelp business listing for active Yelpers.”

If you owned a business that depended on getting more reviews, of course, you would read that! Those are impressive stats! Just find the best data you can to share on your blog and your target market will devour it.

Answer Weird (but important) Questions

unique blog ideas: ask questions

People ask a lot of weird questions. Like what to do when your kid actually loses a tooth they are not supposed to lose. In When Your Child Knocks Out A Tooth, Dr. Jason Lane explains the 3rd step in the process:

“Reinsert the tooth.

Carefully place the tooth back in its socket. It’s okay if it isn’t perfectly oriented – being back in place will keep it safe and protected until we can look at it. If you aren’t able to put the tooth back, bring it in a secured container of milk to our Wasilla dentist.”

You are never going to ask that question unless you are actually in that situation. But picture the poor, clueless dad running around with a screaming, bleeding kid who just lost a grown-up tooth. That guy would think you’re the best business ever if you helped him save his kid’s tooth before his wife found out…

And keeping with the dentist theme, in TRUE or FALSE: Sparkling water is bad for your teeth answers, Dr. Hansen answers a question many people have about water (hint: it’s true!). Again, it’s not about trying to answer all the questions in the world. It’s about answering the questions your target market may have and how you can showcase your expertise in a brilliant and unique blog post.

Brainstorm a list of the weirdest, strangest and craziest things customers have asked you. You’ll probably have enough unique material to last a year.

Tell a Story

unique blog ideas: tell a story

There is nothing more unique than one of your own stories. A story that only your business can tell. You could share funny things that can happen in your field, or you can share your biggest mistakes. Just frame any negatives as a positive and showcase how the experience made you a better business.

In 10 Amazing Lessons You Can Learn From My Karate Students, I shared a bunch of short stories from one of our tournaments. Here’s one about a girl named Courtney:

Courtney: No Limits

Although I will always be impressed with Courtney on the day of the tournament, her story actually goes much deeper. Courtney lacked the confidence to perform in public. She was in a few school plays and was too shy and hesitant to speak (picture lots of tears).

But Courtney isn’t the kind of girl to let anxiety keep her down. She struggled on the day of the tournament and overcame her fears (with a little help from Carlos!). And Courtney didn’t stop there!

A few weeks after the tournament, she volunteered to be part her school’s performance of Circus Circus. In fact, Courtney created an entire dance/gymnastics routine for the final act. She did this all herself. She’s gone from a girl who shied away from the spotlight to The Girl on Fire.

Courtney’s lesson: Don’t put limits on yourself, even if you’re scared or anxious. It took some time, but each of Courtney’s small victories led to greater confidence in other areas

This has been our business’s most popular post since it came out. And I only searched for unique blog ideas from our daily life. Not only did I share a special story, it included actual students so their parents shared the post with everyone they knew (please note: I asked for permission to use each photo and child’s story).

We all have stories, just write one that showcases your business in a good light and is also entertaining. Or string together snippets to tell a much larger story with a theme.

The Best Unique Blog Ideas Come From You

One of my favorite business blogs is written by Virgin’s Richard Branson. The blog is a great example of unique blog ideas and how they can come from anywhere. In The night before Hurricane Irma arrives, Branson starts with:

“We have just experienced a night of howling wind and rain as Hurricane Irma edges ever closer towards us on Necker and the British Virgin Islands.”

This doesn’t have anything to do with Branson’s airline. It’s very short, but has over 120 comments and has been shared almost 600 times. But it’s his own powerful story in his own words.

Stop thinking about marketing or SEO and trying to be like a million other businesses out there. And start thinking what makes you uniquely you.


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