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Unemployed? Pull Up Your Big Girl Panties & Work for Yourself!

Facing the stress-inducing landscape of unemployment? Can’t sleep at night because your life has somehow spiraled into chaos because you lost your job?

These days, being unemployed is not newsworthy. We’ve all heard the numbers. Everyone has been affected by unemployment or economic uncertainty. We could spend time debating the political/economic reasons this happened.

But that’s a waste of time. Because I’m not here to tell you the government will solve this problem for you.

I’m here to tell you to solve it yourself.

Sometimes Life Throws You a Curveball

Life is not easy. Sometimes life sends you a curveball and throws you off course. When that happens, you only have two choices. Complain, whine and wait for someone else to fix your problems.

Step up to the plate and fix it yourself.

Here’s a local success story…

There was a very nice lady who lost her job in 2008. She tried looking for a new one, but at that time and in our area, she was unsuccessful. So she put on her big girl panties and created a job for herself.

Her business of choice – a consignment shop. She rented a $400 shop and put out the word that she was interested in selling upscale clothing. People brought in their gently used clothing to sell and she created an instant inventory, with no money down. Brilliant actually.

Fast forward to the present and she’s been so successful that she needed a larger retail space! She’s her own boss and is very happy with her choices. She took a gamble, made some smart choices, and created a permanent job for herself.

Don’t Wait – Create

In Seize the Day: The Hero Mindset, Ella Gibbons explains:

A Hero doesn’t wait to solve their challenging problems they simply seize the day. They don’t wait around complaining when the economy takes a nosedive. They create change and take action. They go back to school or start a business. They take responsibility for both success and failure.

And never wait around for someone else to fix their problems.

This is the exact mindset you need to save yourself! It’s up to you to create your future. A consignment shop is a great idea and was right for this lady. If that’s not right for you, there are plenty of other options.

Here are just a few ideas off the top of my head…

  • daycare provider
  • pet sitter
  • freelance – photographer, cake decorator, article writer, web designer, bookkeeper, landscaper, event planner (think about what skills you have)
  • consultant
  • teach – tutor (whatever subject your good at), music lessons, dance, karate, adult education, etc.
  • direct sales

Want more ideas?

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Don’t discount direct sales. It’s a very cheap business to get into. For example, Thirty-One is a direct sales company that sells different types of bags. For $99, you get all the products, supplies and training you need to start your own business. Although direct sales is not for everyone, there are plenty of different types of products to sell. Sell what you’re interested in – jewelry, handbags, cooking supplies, toys, make-up….just be sure to check out the company and talk to some current consultants.

The Bottom Line: Every Person Has Marketable Skills!

Remember the old adage “God helps those that help themselves”. Regardless of your religious views, help truly does come to those who roll up their sleeves and get to work. Every person has marketable skills. You just have to find out what yours are and take the leap.

Change your perspective, gather some courage, and you just may change your life.

What are you waiting for?